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What Would Make you Dance?

October 20, 2021


Couple Dancing

Pat was 80-years old when we met. At the beginning of her retirement, she had plans and goals… things she wanted to enjoy. As the years went by, she found that her financial resources were pretty tight, and retirement wasn’t all that she had hoped.

We helped Pat add an additional $800 a month to her budget and have a nest egg of $40,000 that she could use for any purpose tax-free!

When we finished the closing, Pat got up and DANCED! She said she was so happy to be free of worry and have a life again!

Using a Reverse Mortgage to eliminate her mortgage payment put that $800 a month in Pat’s budget. The line of credit (LOC) that came along with that reverse mortgage gave her a nest-egg that is guaranteed to grow and compound annually. If she does not use it, it will increase by around 4% a year which is better than her savings or her CD. (Note: The growth is not interest, but increased access to your line of credit.)

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