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SAFETY NET FOR THE CRASH… A Strategy to Win Despite A Down Market

March 27, 2022
Rising and falling of the stock markets can be scary, just like the up and down thrill of riding a roller coaster as a kid. While it can be scary, it's also part of the excitement. A reverse mortgage can help take away some fear while maintaining the fun.

Buffer Assets and How They Work

February 20, 2022
A way to mitigate the "Covid Crash" and any other market downturn on the horizon.

Rates & Reverse Mortgage

January 20, 2022
When rates are low, there is more money available when you take out a reverse mortgage. Learn about how NOW is the time for a reverse mortgage.

Create an Emergency Fund

January 20, 2022
Create a tax-free guaranteed-growth Emergency Fund that will benefit you now or in the future.

I’m Desperate! Please Help!

December 20, 2021
A reverse mortgage enabled Jane to overcome being House-Rich and Cash-Poor

What Would You Do with an Extra $1,000 a Month?

September 20, 2021
An extra $1,000 per month changed Julia's life. Learn how.