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Your Trusted Mortgage Team

Kathy Muni, Branch Manager - NMLS #1368981
Serving CO, FL, CA, TX and AZ
Direct/Cell: 303-619-8033
The Most Trusted Name in Senior Living™

Kathy’s background has been in education and the ministry. Having graduated from the University of Florida with an M.Ed., Kathy homeschooled her five children for 18 years, helped to found a classical Christian school in Gainesville, FL.

Twelve years as a pastor’s wife, five of which were in New Zealand, helped to hone Kathy’s natural ability to listen and offer good counsel to those looking for solutions. 

Having been in the reverse mortgage space for the past six years, Kathy has become an expert and has been involved in hundreds of reverse mortgage transactions. Her experience is a great strength for her clients and contributes to a smooth process and closing.

The goal for Kathy is to provide you and your family with the information you need to make an informed decision. It is not her goal to “sell” you anything. 

As Branch Manager and Reverse Mortgage Expert at Top Flite Financial, Inc., Kathy loves helping seniors and their families make wise choices managing the wealth they have invested in their largest asset, their home.

Bob Muni, Branch Manager- NMLS #719030
Serving CO, FL, CA, TX and AZ

Direct/Cell: 303-588-1335

Making Dreams Come True!
Bob has over 30 years in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. His vast experience in both arenas means there is not much he hasn’t seen, and that extensive experience provides for a smooth process and closing.

Bob closed his first reverse mortgage while running the mortgage department of a local community bank in 2007. Over the past 5 years he has made this his specialty due to the impact of the many changes made to the New Reverse Mortgage since 2010. This product has helped Bob to help so many people!

Bob’s motivation to serve his clients comes from over 13 years spent in vocational ministry. Helping people to make what is best for them happen is what compels Bob to see his clients lives change, often dramatically.

Bob and Kathy have been married 43 years, have five children and seven amazing grandchildren. They spent most of their lives in Gainesville, Florida with a 5-year stint as Christian missionaries in New Zealand. Both have M.Ed. degrees from University of Florida. Go Gators!

The Munis were among the leaders/pioneers for the then new homeschool movement in the early 1980’s, and started a university model school that they helped run for 12 years. Bob was also the founding Chairman of the Board (serving for 16 years) for the largest public virtual school in the nation, The Florida Virtual School.

Education is in their blood. That is why Bob Muni and Kathy Muni are so passionate about educating folks about Reverse Mortgages. There is so much to know, so many myths to dispel, so many ways it can be used. Bob loves to term a Reverse Mortgage as the “Swiss Army Knife” of senior lending. 

The Munis have become some of the top producing reverse mortgage originators in the nation. Their motto is: We Educate; You Decide.

Jeannette W.

Jeannette Wright - NMLS #1989505 
Senior Loan Officer Serving All of TX
Phone: 972-345-2718
Loans for peace of mind and prosperity

Jeannette Wright has dedicated her life to serving others with the goal of improving their quality of life. With a Masters in Economics from Texas Tech University she worked as the Head Economist in the Pollution Prevention Program at the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, TNRCC, starting in 1990.

In 1997 she made a major shift to work alongside her husband, Dr. Lance Wright, a chiropractor. They opened a Health Services Business in Dallas, Texas. She manages the business, assisting clients with their particular health needs. Lance teaches the healing modality he developed all over the world. Jeannette’s background in teaching includes Texas Tech University, where she taught economic classes and received the Teacher of the Year Award, Pollution Prevention seminars to Texas Industries, and the Communications section of Lance’s seminars.

In 2020 despite excellent health, Lance developed a blood clot due to sitting in one position for an extended period of time. At the same time Covid arrived and encouraged Jeannette to explore other ways to earn a living.  A good friend mentioned the mortgage business, and  since she and Lance had bought a couple of houses, and have gone through refinancing, she understands the importance of a quality Loan Officer.

One of her strengths is the ability to be both analytical and creative. This combination allows her to listen and understand the needs of her clients to insure their short and long term goals are achieved. Her mission is to assist people in their mortgage needs in a way that brings peace of mind and prosperity. She is grateful to have an excellent team behind her, to insure her success in this new and exciting endeavor.